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The following Privacy Rules apply as of già to all registered users as well.

Privacy Rules provide information on how we use and protect users' personal information.


These Privacy Rules describe the way in which users' personal data are processed for our BulkOil website services. In general these rules apply to the BulkOil website and its contents as well as to other websites where these rules are quoted at the end of the page.
By accepting these Privacy Rules and the Terms and Conditions of Use upon registration, users expressly allow their personal data to be used, filed and disclosed.

Owner of the data-handling

By using BulkOil services, users accept that:

Data collection

Users can browse through our website without providing their identity or personal information. If users agree to provide us with their personal data, we are allowed to collect and use such data as described in these Privacy Rules.
BulkOil may collect and file the following personal data:


BulkOil may not share users' personal data with third parties for marketing purposes without users' explicit consent. We may integrate users' data with information we collect from other companies and use them to improve and customise our services, our contents and our ads. If you do not wish to receive commercial communications from BulkOil or to take part in our advertisement customization programs, please follow the instructions given in the commercial communication or message.


BulkOil collects users' personal data to provide users with a safe, and effective customized service. Users authorize BulkOil to use their personal data for the following purposes:

Disclosure of users' personal data

BulkOil complice to government laws and may disclose personal data to legal authorities if such information is requested by a government agency.

BulkOil reserves the rights to share personal data with:

Except for the above-mentioned clauses, in order to protect users' privacy and reserve ourselves the right to prevent ill-intentioned individuals from accessing the network, we shall not disclose users' personal data to police forces, public authority officers and third parties without checking upon the existence of a summons, of a court order or similar legal proceedings, except for cases where we believe in good faith that the disclosure of information is necessary to prevent upcoming physical violence or financial losses or to report alleged unlawful activities.

Sharing of users' data on BulkOil

Users' IDs are displayed in every section of BulkOil website(and can therefore be viewed by all website visitors) and are linked to all website activities. Third parties may view users' offers, purchases, products for sale and related comments. Warnings sent to other users concerning suspicious activities and violation of rules are related to user IDs and specific objects. If a user associates his/her name to his/her user ID, the individuals who know the user's name shall be able to identify his/her activities on BulkOil. If you are a professional seller, your contact details (such as name and postal address) may be visible on your ad page, as you indicated.

If users log on our website by using a public computer some information may be visible to others using the same computer after you. After logging in by using a public computer, users should log off from BulkOil and delete cookies.

Usage of data provided by BulkOil

BulkOil allows users to share personal data and financial information to carry out transactions. We encourage users to communicate the privacy rules they implement and to comply with the privacy rules of other users. BulkOil is not able to ensure the privacy or the safety of the data users decide to share; we therefore advise users to consider the privacy and safety rules of the individuals users want to carry out a transaction with before starting a transaction and deciding to share personal information. To protect users' privacy, only limited access to user’s address information, shipment details and financial information is allowed to make transactions easier. When users are carrying out a transaction, they can have mutual access to their names, user IDs, email addresses and other contact details for shipment purposes. If you are a professional seller, BulkOil may decide to make your contact details visible (such as name and postal address) which you indicated on the ad page to ensure your compliance with Italian e-commerce rules. However, users are required to comply with rules about personal data protection and provide other users with the possibility of deleting their names from users' database as well as to check upon the information and personal data that have been collected about other users.

Users agree to use users' information only for the following purposes:


BulkOil uses "cookies" (small files saved on users' hard disk) in some pages of the website to analyse web page access, customize services, contents and advertisement, evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities and ensure trust and safety.

Here is some important information about cookies:

Spamming, spyware or mail violation are not allowed

BulkOil and its users do not tolerate "spamming", i.e. undesired and unsolicited material sent and commercial and advertisement information. Users should make sure they set email notification preferences so that we can communicate with them as they prefer. Users are not authorized to attach a BulkOil user's address (even if it is the email address of user a transaction was successfully carried out with on BulkOil) in address-lists (e-mails or postal addresses) without the user's consent. We invite users to report about spamming, email infringement cases to BulkOil by sending an email to abuse@bulkoil.com. It is forbidden to send commercial/advertisement emails or contents that infringe our Conditions for users. BulkOil automatically checks upon messages and can apply manual filters to check upon the presence of spamming, viruses, attempts to access personal data, attempts to carry out unlawful activities or to transfer illegal or forbidden contents, but however BulkOil does not permanently file the messages sent by using the above-mentioned tools. If users send an email to a non-registered address, BulkOil shall not file such email, shall not use the email address for marketing purposes or transfer or sell such email addresses.

Account protection

Users' password is the only "key" that allows users to log on their BulkOil account. Users should always use complex series of numbers, letters and special characters and should not disclose their password to third parties. If a user decides to disclose his/her password or personal information to third parties, the user shall be held responsible for all the activities carried by using his/her account. If users lose control on their password, they may no longer be able to control how their personal data are used and be subject to legally binding actions taken on their account. Should users believe that their password is no longer safe, it is advisable to inform BulkOil and to immediately change the password.

Access, verification and modification of personal data

Users can view, check and modify the largest part of the saved data at any time. In general BulkOil shall not manually modify users' personal information because it is difficult to remotely check upon users' identity. We advise users to update their data on a timely basis in the event of variations or inaccuracies. Messages that have been published may no longer be modified or deleted. Upon member's request sent to info@bulkoil.com, BulkOil shall close a member's account and delete the corresponding personal data as soon as possible given the activities carried out by the account and in compliance with the regulations in force. BulkOil stores personal data of closed accounts to comply with the regulations in force, prevent frauds, collect outstanding fees, settle disputes and issues, provide support in the event of police investigations, ensure that the Terms and Conditions of use for BulkOil users are complied with and take any other action under the law.


Users' data are stored in our servers located in a Telecom Italia web-farm. BulkOil processes users' data as goods to be protected and uses several tools (cryptography, passwords, physical protection devices, etc.) to protect users' personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure activities. However, users may know that third parties may unlawfully intercept or access data transfer or private communications and other users may make an illegal or improper use of users' personal data gathered on the website. We shall do our best to protect our users' privacy, but we are not able to ensure that users' data and private communications shall always remain confidential.

Third parties

Except for cases explicitly indicated in these Privacy Rules, the present document exclusively refers to the use and disclosure of data directly provided by users. If users communicate their data to others (users posting purchase offers, buyers or sellers) on our websites or on other Internet web sites, the use and the disclosure of data communicated by users may be subject to other rules. BulkOil has no control over third party Privacy Rules and users are required to comply with the Privacy Rules of such third parties, if applicable. We advise users to gather information before communicating their personal information to third parties.


BulkOil may modify the Contents of these Privacy Rules anytime by publishing the new version thereof on its website. All new terms and conditions shall enter into force 30 (thirty) days after the publication date. Furthermore, BulkOil shall send an email to all member addresses.